Pickup & Delivery

We are pleased to offer comprehensive pickup and delivery services, particularly beneficial for those without access to a pickup truck or for individuals who find the equipment too heavy to handle alone.

For generator pickup and delivery, there is a transportation fee ranging from $165 to $225. This fee includes the cost of picking up your generator and delivering it back to you free of charge once repairs are completed. The transportation fee accounts for wear and tear on our vehicles, mileage, fuel, and the time required to collect your equipment. This fee is a round-trip charge and will be added to your bill after the repairs are finalized.

Similarly, we provide a pickup service for riding lawnmowers. The transportation fee for this service also ranges from $165 to $225, which includes free delivery of your lawnmower back to you upon the completion of repairs. Like the generator service, this fee covers vehicle wear and tear, mileage, fuel, and the time involved in the transportation process. It will be added to your final bill once the repairs are completed. Please note that the transportation fee does not cover any diagnostic or repair costs; it is solely for the pickup and return service.